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Mantra was born out of pure passion for communications! After spending a fruitful decade in the media and communications industry, Prelene Singh, previously a print journalist for the Sunday Times Newspaper, reporter on 702 & 947 Eye Witness News, News reader and News Editor of Voice of Wits, Digital Marketer for Brand South Africa and now Publicist, decided to start Mantra, which she believes offers a unique approach to publicity and one that prides itself in being on trend and on point – driving the communication revolution!

Prelene Singh


Meet the #Mantra Leaders



A brand addict, with a passion for turning words into stories, connecting your brand to your target market. Prelene discovered the magic behind communications while being a radio and print journalist in the early years of her career. She is a powerhouse of knowledge, a creative with discipline and the force behind Mantra Publicity.    

Solution-driven and passionate about brand building – Prelene has over a decade of experience in the media environment both as a journalist and editor and now as a PR Executive. The only way to grow your brand is through holistic operation. There are some things we can live without and there are other things that are compulsory – this applies to brand building as well. With a degree in Mass Communication/Media studies/English and a Post-Graduate Honours in Journalism – you can rest assured she is the right person for your brand!  

With experience in marketing, media, social media and public relations – Prelene has launched, lead and developed many local and international brands in her time. She is a solid and reliable asset to have in your business and a person that stands true to herself and her clients. 

Prelene’s #Mantra

Strategy, Straight-talk and Execution! Let your work speak for itself.    



Managing Partner: Events & Promotions

Known for her outstanding, mind-blowing events in corporate marketing, Sunita aka ‘The Event Fundi’ is the only person you need to plan and execute any event. With a deep understanding of events, over three decades of experience and working for some of SA’s largest conglomerates, Sunita pours excellence, perfection and pragmatism into what may seem as the very chaotic world of events. 

There is magic in events, the sparkle and experience comes from being able to work with people, and her strongest super power, being able to lead with empathy, understanding and drive. 

Sunita is passionate about event management and understands that it is not for everyone, “There is much more to an event than a theme and a guest list,” she explained. 

Sunita’s #Mantra

Lead by example, with EQ and not IQ. 

Who we are

At Mantra Publicity we understand the language of brand presence, targeted and well managed publicity as well as brand shaping, brand communication and how all this works together holistically to create a unique public facing brand persona that your target market can identify with – and this is what we offer you and your brand!

We are an integrated boutique agency that aim to become partners to our clients, helping them navigate their way through publicity through zealous and effective brand reputation management. We close the gap between traditionalist PR and the new wave of digital interruption through holistic operation. 

Each brand is different, just as we are humans. We understand that growing your business can be a tedious task, as such we forgo the role of being sculptors that mould insightful and intentional bespoke strategy that identifies your brand mantra, cultivates business growth and expansion as well as awakens your audience. Most importantly, we work hard to ensure your business is accurately seen, engaged and heard by the right audience.

Mantra believes in value and proven success – therefore all our solutions are customised to your business, your key objectives as well as your budgets. We pride ourselves in cultivating long-lasting relationships that we are able to develop and maintain with our clients which is based on trust and dedication to your success.


This is how we cultivate a holistic approach to publicity!


We are a company that supports and aims to uplift the freelance, independent contractor, and small local business environments. Therefore, in our business operations we make use of some of the most qualified and experienced external talent that are leading the industry at the moment. With this, we guarantee the right person for the job!

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Our Mantra

Cultivating a holistic approach to brand presence!


In every action we obtain with our clients, we approach the process with a 360 birds eye view. We zone in, analyse, strategise and execute. Publicity is not only about exposure – it’s telling real stories to real people, analysing market behaviour, consumer behaviour, knowing what’s trending and filtering this through our sales funnel to entice an ultimate action by our target market.


With decades of experience in variant sectors, working with industry-specific brands as well as several divisions in mass communication – we are trusted by our clients, harvested confidence within our media relationships as well as developed a loyal network of bloggers and content creators across the board.


We believe the only pathway to success is paved via team work and partnership. Having your brand goals at the forefront and moving forward together, speaking the same language and cultivating a symbiotic relationship – has always achieved measured results.


We understand that each brand is unique and we strive to bring this uniqueness to the forefront. Our solutions incorporate unique, innovative and creative approaches, ideas and campaigns.

With any sort of publicity – there is a creative approach that is needed in order to gain the accurate target audiences’ attention. We are creative specialists in B2B, B2C, B2B2C.