Cultivating brand presence through holistic operation!

Mantra utilises traditional media channels (print, online and broadcast); social media and digital marketing conduits as communication avenues for your brand. We have worked in the B2B, B2C, B2B2C environments building brands / companies from sole owned, small and medium enterprises, individuals as well as local and international brands. We have also worked extensively with international teams, reporting directly across time zones and borders.

Public Relations

Our efforts are concentrated on targeted exposure, placing your brand in the right place at the right time. Through a bull’s eye approach, we are able to offer ongoing press opportunities through daily engagement with the media, secure free editorial, promote a wider audience reach and administrate speaking opportunities and presence at key industry gatherings, events and conferences. Ongoing qualitative exposure through story-telling is at the center of our operation.

Digital Marketing

This is not only a marketing tool but a brand tool, and moreover a communication tool that is able to understand the world wide web for you and place your business for optimal opportunity. A key tactic in cultivating a holistic approach to publicity. These services involve: consultation, advice, SEO, CRM, Digital strategy, Google Ads and website design and development.

Marketing Collateral

In being a holistic company, we aim to offer our clients a one stop shop for all their communication avenues, marketing collateral being one of them. As part of our service offering we are able to offer development and branding as an additional service under Mantra! We provide quick turnaround and champion delivery.

Strategy / Creative Concepts

Everything works better when it is thought through and strategically implemented. Insightful campaigns, interesting content and eye-catching messages. We are abreast of all industry, market and technology trends and are therefore able to get creative based off any brief you provide.

Copy Writing

What’s the hook! We help you find it, ensuring your content is relevant, appealing, on trend and on point! We are able to provide:

  • Drafting of new company profiles
  • Editorial articles / news articles
  • Press announcements
  • Social media content creation
  • Press releases
  • Blog articles for any industry
  • Conceptual
  • Long length (features, thought leadership)
  • SEO optimised content
Social Media

We are drivers of the communication revolution. Social media is one such communication element that is leading this industry-evolution. Through effective use and promotion of your owned channels, and the various social media platforms we are able to invigorate, refine and awaken your targeted audience to your brand. We provide:
– Content Creation & content calendars
– Community Management
– Platform and Ads Management

Event Management

Face-to-face interaction with your customers, clients, media and content creators is the best way to foster new and long-lasting beneficial relationship as well as promote your brand through well executed activations and events. Our sister company is able to manage and execute your event from A to Z. Get in touch with us today if you are planning an event that you need help with!

Influencer Marketing

Every brand is now leaning towards engaging influencer audiences in order to promote their brands. But it isn’t as simply as sending creators products and hoping for a post or review. We are able to effectively manage this process holistically, elevating your brands key objectives through targeted tactics such as campaign conceptualisation, execution and social media management through hashtag generation and engagement tactics.

Influencer Training

The world of influencers and content creators can be a difficult one to navigate, especially with the massive influx of new content creators daily to every social platform available. It is now harder to grow your platforms, organically grow and engaged audience and get brand deals. Not only do we work with you, as a content creator, but we also aim to help you grow and show you how. Get in touch for more information.


We are a company that supports and aims to uplift the freelance, independent contractor, and small local business environments. Therefore, in our business operations we make use of some of the most qualified and experienced external talent that are leading the industry at the moment. With this, we guarantee the right person for the job!

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Our Mantra

Cultivating a holistic approach to brand presence!


In every action we obtain with our clients, we approach the process with a 360 birds eye view. We zone in, analyse, strategise and execute. Publicity is not only about exposure – it’s telling real stories to real people, analysing market behaviour, consumer behaviour, knowing what’s trending and filtering this through our sales funnel to entice an ultimate action by our target market.


With decades of experience in variant sectors, working with industry-specific brands as well as several divisions in mass communication – we are trusted by our clients, harvested confidence within our media relationships as well as developed a loyal network of bloggers and content creators across the board.


We believe the only pathway to success is paved via team work and partnership. Having your brand goals at the forefront and moving forward together, speaking the same language and cultivating a symbiotic relationship – has always achieved measured results.


We understand that each brand is unique and we strive to bring this uniqueness to the forefront. Our solutions incorporate unique, innovative and creative approaches, ideas and campaigns.

With any sort of publicity – there is a creative approach that is needed in order to gain the accurate target audiences’ attention. We are creative specialists in B2B, B2C, B2B2C.