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Developed to be an inclusive brand that caters to every skin type, skin colour and gender, SKIN functional is a skincare brand built on the ethos of offering honourable skincare products that provide noticeable results, improving skins’ appearance across the board.  All products are locally produced and manufactured in South Africa. SKIN functional is known for its array of affordable serum-based items that is quickly expanding its range as well as distribution across the African continent providing customers will a full skincare regime to choose from.

Product formula and results

Every formulation in the Skin functional range is expertly developed using optimal concentrations that have been tried and tested to produce, restore and maintain optimal skin functioning. We all have the same skin, irrelevant of gender. People tend to think and treat skin based on sex, which is a huge preconceived ideology that Skin functional aims to demystify.


The brand at conception was conceived to throw out skincare jargon in the aim to help people better understand skin as the largest organ of our bodies, and thereafter, assist in proper skincare education to equip people on how to effectively adapt their skincare regime to their ever-changing skin needs.


Every product in the Skin functional range contains ingredients that have earned the right to be there, leaving little room for redundancy. Specific ingredients have been proficiently blended together to create a potent formula that targets specific skin concerns, applied in conjunction with background knowledge explaining proper usage to achieve the desired result.

Why choose Skin functional

A small dedicated and passionate team work behind the scenes, tirelessly, to ensure the brand upholds its claims simultaneously providing the highest level of customer service, with a dash of personal touch, a sprinkle of transparency, topped with pure and reliable products.


Skin functional is your friend in skincare, your confidant, a brand you can trust with your skin, your appearance and your deepest darkest skin secrets. Driving holistic and educational skincare is at the center of operation, ensuring each person is made to feel special when purchasing and using any SF product, encouraging natural glow from within. When you think Skin functional think: authentic, transparent, integrity and truthfulness. Nothing is off the table, and everything is open for discussion.

How to start with Skin functional

The first step is the only one that matters. It’s time to take the control back and own your skincare journey. No one else knows your skin better than you do. Skin functional believes that skincare should not be intimidating nor overwhelming, therefore, providing everyone with the tools to properly recognise problems and effectively treat them.


Skin functional serums are named and developed in line with the skin concern being experienced. When visiting there is shop compass that effectively guides you through your journey in purchasing product. You are able to shop for your (1) skin type, (2) skin concern, (3) key ingredient, (4) age and (5) specific products, therefore making your user journey insightful and fruitful.


Two important steps to always consider when purchasing new skincare products is (1) What is your skin type and (2) what do you need to treat. These two touch points will guide you through your skin journey and ensure you are purchasing products that are suitable to your individual skin.